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We are a complete design resource for your home, committed to helping you transform your ideas into reality. At Bangalore Interiors our experts offer beautiful and innovative design ideas for every room in your house. In addition to our services sourcing the most exciting furnishings for your home, we also manage new home builds and complete renovations. By working with only the highest caliber of reliable trade professionals and specialists, we are consistently able to ensure that every last detail of your project is executed with excellence, transforming your residence into a truly inspired home.

From concept to completion -  Whether you are building from scratch or renovating an existing property, our professional team offer a broad range of services to transform your dream into a home that is both beautiful and practical. We manage every detail of our projects, from construction to furnishing and decorating, giving you peace of mind that everything will well being taken care of - on time and on budget..



Make your home inspirational  - Imagine a problem free renovation. Whether you need a major change in your home or just a small update, we will manage your renovation from beginning to end. After listening carefully to your needs and ideas, we will collaborate with you to ensure that you receive the results you desire. No matter what your style, let us transform your space into a warm and inviting environment while delivering on our promise - professional service on time and on budget.

Wanting a unique and polished new look quickly? Major impact can be created by simply changing your bedding, accessories and window treatments. Our custom team can source fabrics, compile design schemes and create unique soft furnishing collections to elevate your home and reflect your personal sense of style.

We are Specialist in: Wardrobes, Modular Kitchens, Furnitures etc...

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